SEVEN |Salzburg

This post is for the Salzburg crew. Thank you, Rizwana and Chandni, for a wonderful, musical weekend!
There are moments during my program where I feel like a light bulb turns on and the fog lifts for a moment. It’s a whisper that says, “I’m here. I’m actually here.” Over the weekend, the whisper became a happy exclamation. Salzburg is easily one of my favorite parts of this study abroad.
It started as a what-if when Rizwana and I were bouncing ideas for our free weekend. Venice. Rome. Barcelona. Amsterdam. We got off topic and started talking about hiking and nature. Then boom. It was obvious. We’re going to Salzburg!
As we counted down the days, Rizwana and I talked about hiking, foods to try, and things to do. Chandni shared the same love for The Sound of Music. She was just as excited to explore Salzburg and there our trio was set.
Eight hours, four trains, and one taxi ride later, we made it. We hiked in the Alps, explored Old Town, danced around The Sound of Music Pavilion and Mirabell Gardens, and soaked in the sun at the Hohensalzburg fortress. There are no words that can recreate the experience as you read them here. What I can share are some things I found very special about this trip. Check it out:

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 1

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 2

Take a detour and see the real city

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 3

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 4

Have recess again!

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 5

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 8

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 9

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 10

Friends make every moment special

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 11

Finally, when you want to give up the most, that’s when you gotta keep climbing…

Ly, Cindy - SEVEN 12

It’s worth it. I promise.

More to come in Eight | Auf Wiedersehen