TEN | Home, Sweet Home, Again


Here we are: 12 Manson Place, Kensington London.

Ly, Cindy; London, England - TEN 12 Manson Place

After checking in at our 24 hours reception desk, the Metrogate, we keyed in to our new home. We learned that there’s twelve of us living together in 12 Manson. I’m pretty excited about the mix: four of us are coming from Berlin and the other eight are coming from Paris. We get to meet some people from the other dual city program.
By the time we arrived, it looked like most everyone has checked in. Check out my room!

Ly, Cindy; London, England - TEN Room

Even though there is space for three people, it’s only my roommate and me in our room. We’re pretty happy with the arrangement. We each have a full wardrobe! For the first time, I fully unpacked my suitcase. I feel more at home already.
Overall, I prefer our housing here. We have a large kitchen, living room, and our personal rooms. The only downside – if at all – is that laundry is in the building next door and it costs about £4.50 for a full load. Whomp whomp. Otherwise, the space is great for meeting new people.

Ly, Cindy; London, England - TEN Laundry

During our housing orientation, we learned that FIE owns the 12-15 section of the street. All the Drexel dual city programs are housed in both 12 and 15. On top of that, we are living in the most expensive part of London. South Kensington is the royal borough – celebrities and diplomats live in this area. We’re pretty well connected. There are many restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and metro stations within five minute of walking distance.
I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store. We have orientation on Monday.
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