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We came to London with hopes of exploration. For £92, we did just that. Nine of us took a bus tour through Evans Evans Tour company on an early Sunday morning.
Our first stop: Windsor Castle. This is one of the primary residence for the queen. Unfortunately for us, Queen Elizabeth is on holiday and so is everyone else. It just so happens that August is one of the busiest months to visit both England and the Windsor Castle – students from far and near have flocked to this landmark attraction. With our pre-set itinerary, we didn’t have much time to explore the grounds. We did get a chance to see the Queen’s State Rooms. These decorative apartments are still used today to host foreign political and social leaders.

Ly, Cindy; England - TWELVE Windsor Castle 1

Ly, Cindy; England - TWELVE Windsor Castle 2

Ly, Cindy; England - TWELVE Windsor Castle 3

Our second stop: Bath. By far, this is my favorite stop of the tour. Located in the heart of England’s countryside, Bath is surrounded by lush green hillsides. We had about an hour and half to walk around the Roman Baths and the town. If I could do it again, I’d spend an entire day roaming the small streets and squares. If you get the chance to visit, take some time to see the Roman Baths, try the legendary healing waters of Bath, walk around the small streets, and sit by the river Avon.

Ly, Cindy; England - TWELVE Bath

Our last stop: Stonehenge. The nine of us agreed that we all had high expectations for this last stop. To our surprise, Stonehenge is smaller than we imagined. Most everyone who visited this site stayed for a maximum of forty-five minutes; this is probably because there’s not much to see after circling the landmark once.

Ly, Cindy; England - TWELVE Stonehenge

Overall, I’d suggest taking a bus tour if you want an express highlight of each of the major location. Otherwise, I’d recommend going to Bath for a whole day and stopping by Stonehenge briefly on your way back to London.
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