Cachai?: Ocupado con Cursos

Hola amigos! So, the second week of classes is proving to be a busy one and has me realizing that I am really going to have to work hard in order to stay afloat with my classes. It is not that my courses are difficult or that they require more work than the courses I have taken at Drexel, but when you are not that proficient in a language and your professors talk so fast that everything sounds like one big slur of words, you know you are going to have a bad time. In fact, this Tuesday for my philosophy class on Hegel, we had a pop quiz in class and I was not prepared whatsoever. The first issue was that the professor spoke so fast that it took me about 20 minutes into the quiz to realize we were being quizzed and also I could not fully understand the essay question. Even more, I have been having trouble with the readings since Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is already very difficult to understand, but trying to understand his work in Spanish is just a whole other level of difficult. So, it is safe to say that I did not do so well on that quiz. However, do not fear. I have spoken to all my professors about my difficulty with understanding the super speedy lectures and that I need help. Also, for my Hegel class, I managed to find the Phenomenology of Spirit (or Fenomenologia del Espiritu) online in English which has been making things easier for me. Anyways, my professors emailed me saying that the lectures are more complementary so that if I just keep up with the readings (and there is A LOT) then I should be fine.

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Thus, with all the work I had and need to do, I have not been able to go out much this whole week. I think in order to do well I am going to study and focus on school work on the weekdays and reserve my weekends for having fun and adventuring (and also some study time when it is available). Anyways, not exactly sure what I am getting into this weekend, but my friend told me about some beautiful areas to hike around Santiago so I might head out there. Hasta luego!