FIFTEEN | Balance: The Student’s Motto


This week has been a struggle. On top of our regular classes, we had a presentation and paper to complete, which both were worth 30% of our final grade each. Most of us couldn’t enjoy the gorgeous weather that came through this week (finally! it felt like summer weather) because we had five days to hand in our work. So that brings me to this post: balancing.
Wherever we go, I’m sure we’ve all heard something like this, “it’s all about time management”. Well, I’m here to say that is somewhat true. Time management is a key skill to have when there’s multiple things that need to be completed along the same timeline. So, yes, time management was essential for this past week. However, one thing people often fail to mention is that you need to commit and be ready to sacrifice some things on your to do list. That’s exactly what happened.
Most of us this week wanted to dedicate some time to explore more of London – whether it was culturally-rich neighborhood of Shoreditch or historically-packed museums. Even though we wanted to explore London, school was more important. So, we woke up early in the mornings, went to classes, came home, and anchored down in 12 Manson Place researching, preparing, writing, and editing until midnight. We were stressed out.
What I can leave with you today, if you’re interested in studying abroad (or you find yourself juggling multiple things), is to know yourself. Why? I say this because if you know you’re in the groove and can write an essay with scholarly sources, then go full speed ahead – but if you’re staring at the blinking cursor for the five hours with only one sentence written down, it’s time to rethink your plan.
I experience this on Tuesday night. When I first sat down on Monday, I thought I’d be able to collect research, outline the paper, and write at least an introduction. And I did. The trouble was, on Tuesday, I came home and sat for five hours not knowing how to continue my essay. Don’t get me wrong. I researched and outlined sources in that time, but only one sentence went down on paper. I felt unproductive and regretted not using my time to do other things like walking the Natural History Museum or enjoying the beautiful weather outside. On Wednesday, I made sure that I accomplished both of my priorities. I put aside four hours to walk around the city after class and four hours to write my paper. Needless to say, I was more productive.

Ly, Cindy; London, England - FIFTEEN 1

Ly, Cindy; London, England - FIFTEEN 2

Ly, Cindy; London, England - FIFTEEN 3

Walked along Southbank and got myself some yummy goodies as a break!
If you take anything away from this post, be sure to remember that balancing is key. Sure, time management is the tool that helps you achieve your goals, but balancing your needs, time, and energy is what’s going to drive you towards success.
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