SIXTEEN | A Magical Weekend

Woke up 6:00am and took the tube to Leicester Square with two friends. Five hours and thirty-five minutes of waiting in the cold, rainy London weather. Worth every ticking second, ounce of exhaustion, and spent pence.
Luck must have been on our side because we got tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play Parts One and Two. Mind you, this is a sold out show until December 2017! We scored floor tickets, about seven rows from the stage, by standing in the returns cue for five and half hours. From the casting and acting to the special effects, the show was fantastic. We even got a surprise at the show. We sat in front of Margo Robbie, Darien Chris, and Ben Affleck! The audience was  made up of super Harry Potter fans and we were all so captivated by the show that no one talked, made a noise, or touched their phones. Overall, it was an amazing day to spend with friends.

Ly, Cindy; Germany - SIXTEEN 1

The magic didn’t end there. On Sunday, we all recovered from waking up so early for the show and slept in. Around early afternoon, a group of eight of us went to Shoreditch, a culturally-rich hub in East London. Sundays are one of the best days to visit Shoreditch. We stumbled across five different markets, each within a block of each other! My favorite had to be the Sunday Upmarket. This indoor market is a bustling hub of food vendors and clothing merchants. Even if you’re not craving food, walking around the aisles will ignite your appetite.

Ly, Cindy; Germany - SIXTEEN 2

Ly, Cindy; Germany - SIXTEEN 3

Ly, Cindy; Germany - SIXTEEN 4

Ly, Cindy; Germany - SIXTEEN 5

It’s still hard to believe that this time next week, I’ll be packing and getting ready to go home. I’m glad we went around the city this weekend and walked around. Sometimes days like these make the best memories.