Raíces: El Museo Del Prado

Qué tal amigos,

I had a very eventful weekend! On Friday, I visited El Museo del Prado, the world-renowned art museum. I decided that it truly deserves a post of its own because of the intricacy and sheer beauty of all the artwork housed inside. The commute was relatively easy and short: a 20-minute bus ride. It was a pleasantly surprising find that the €20 monthly charge for the youth transportation card also covers any and all bus rides in Madrid. The museum has a €16 general fee, but I actually got in for free because I am a student! We haven’t gotten our University ID yet, but I had my International Student Identification Card (ISIC), which I had purchased back home before coming, so it authenticated me for gratuity. I would definitely recommend getting the card if you are planning on studying abroad. It’s $25, but it really pays for itself, even with just a couple of visits to expensive museums and other places, not to mention that it comes with a basic insurance plan as well.

The guards at the museum were very strict about taking pictures of some of the artworks inside, so I was only able to take some pictures for you all. I couldn’t get the descriptions of them all either, so if interested, you can see the artworks on display and their descriptions at El Prado’s official website: Museo Nacional del Prado

I am really excited to share some of the stunning artwork with you all, so enjoy!


Although this is a typical-looking street in Madrid, I still have not gotten over how beautiful the architecture is here. Certainly much different than the bricks and cinderblocks that I’m used to back in Philly.



There were a few of these stands with artists selling their work. I actually bought two for €15. They’d make for nice gifts.



Jesus carrying the cross on the way to calvary


Christ carrying the Cross: Titian, 1565



The original The Last Supper by Juan de Juanes. “The chalice which appears in the centre of the table reproduces the one kept in Valencia Cathedral [in Valencia, Spain], considered to be the one used by Christ at the Last Supper.”


Stopped by the Café Prado and got myself a jamón y queso croissant with café con leche. De-li-cio-so!!


San Jerónimo el Real, Roman Catholic church, dating back to 1505.


The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain (in the year 1492) by Emilio Sala Francés, 1889




View of one of the galleries there


The original: Las Meninas, by Diego Velázquez, one of the most highly regarded and analyzed artworks of Western painting. It shows the complexities between our interpretation of reality and illusion. Quite fascinating.


Goya statue


Side view


View of the museum


Entrance to el Jardín Botánico. I didn’t actually go in, but I definitely will next time!


Warm sunset on a Madrid street

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