After a hectic week, we live for the weekends. The brunch scene in Paris is ridiculous. Early Saturday morning, my roommates and I venture over to the 10th arrondissement on the Right Bank. Our intent is to fill our bellies. We get to HolyBelly at 11:00AM and already there’s a mass crowd surrounding the storefront. We put our names down for a table at 12:30PM and decide to venture around the neighborhood in the meantime. Around the block, there is a co-work coffee shop. We each get a cafe au lait to hold ourselves over. With our warm coffees in hand, we continue to explore the area. What a picture perfect start to the weekend. The 10th is sprinkled with boutique shops that instantly draw our attention. Before we know it, it’s noon and we head back over to HolyBelly.

Let me just say, the wait was absolutely worth the wait. Look at this amazingness.

Tran Victoria; France - Weekends 1

I highly recommend this spot. Make sure to get there early to put your name on the waiting list!

In food comas, we decide to try to walk off the fatigue. Next destination, Le Centre Pompidou, France’s modern art museum. The top of the museum offers sweeping views of the city. The installations are breathtaking. Some leave me speechless.

Tran Victoria; France - Weekends 2

Tran Victoria; France - Weekends 3


More to come.


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