Milano Fashion Week


MILANO. Let us begin by saying, if you are studying abroad in Florence or anywhereIMG_1347.jpg in
Italy, it is vital that you visit this city. When we visited, we took a bus and stayed in an airbnb apartment right outside of the city (close to the Duomo). The public transportation is very easily navigable and it is cheaper to get a ticket that will last you 24 hours (keep getting them if you’re there for a whole weekend, we ended up buying two and lasting for the whole time). After stopping at the hotel to freshen up, we went to a restaurant close by to our apartment and got lunch.

IMG_0246.jpgWe strolled around the city and took a subway to the Duomo where we took pictures and entered. This Duomo was incredible. The interior is huge and so decorated andIMG_0155.jpg it reminded me a lot of my family. We were able to go to the top of the roof where you can see the entire city of Milan. Before this, I hadn’t really known a lot about the city butI was able to see that this is the hub of business and culture in Italy. If you are looking to work in a business or fashion, this city was for you. Unlike Florence, which is very historical and art based, the city had a lot of fashionable people walking the streets and the night life was very lively and reminded me of NYC.

Our next stop was the Versace SS17 fashion show.
THIS WAS INCREDIBLE. The moment we arrived, we wereIMG_0090.jpg swarmed by the paparazzi and all of the famous people trying to get through.IMG_0006.jpg I had never been in a crowd like this before and it got me so excited to be in the major that I am in. Famous bloggers passed by and the person who I was most excited about was Nina Garcia, who actually talked to us for about 3 whole seconds. Even though we didn’t get into the show, we were able to see the fashion from outside and spent the whole time gawking at the fashion that passed by. There was a group of girls who were dressed in huge furry coats and were walking dogs who we ended up seeing at IMG_9936.jpgeach of the shows that we went to. Each person who came into the show was more glamorous than the one before and it got me very excited for my future in the industry. We met Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland who are fashion bloggers and they were so nice! We saw them again the next day at the Ferragamo show. This day was probably my favorite so far just because of the environment we were in and the excitement all around to see the fashion and what everyone was wearing. 


After the show, we went to a restaurant close to the center and enjoyed the view of the people who walked by dressed for fashion week. We got bruschetta and I had risotto for the first time while being in Italy and we stopped to get gelato before sleeping early to take full advantage of our day.

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