Keep Busy and Stay Calm

Hola amigos,

Title and picture says it all. Schoolwork is starting to pile up. I have a few assignments to do, plus a bunch of chapters to read for my Novel class. I’ve been getting good grades so far, so that’s always a relief. I didn’t really know what to expect before I came, but I’ve been holding up. I’m in the most advanced Spanish level, so the classes are challenging, but rewarding also. I enjoy my classes, with the exception of my Studies of the Spanish Language course. The first half of the course was great because we learned a lot about the history of Spanish and of Spain in general. It was very interesting; however, the second half of the class has a completely different curriculum and professor. The class now deals with indulging in Spanish grammar and morphology, which I find to be dull and somewhat useless. I try to not let it discourage me too much. My other classes have been great, so it makes up for it.

I’ve also been busy with scheduling interviews for co-op. I got a decent amount of interviews, but almost all of them will have to be over the phone or Skype. It puts me at a disadvantage to many of the positions that I really want, so it’s unfortunate. I expected this though. I talked these things over with my coordinator before I came. I have already had one phone interview, but I don’t feel as confident over the phone. I do better face-to-face, especially since I have had more practice with those types of interviews. The reality is that this is one of the sacrifices I had to make for coming here though. It’s not the end of the world. I just have to try and hope for the best. There’s not really much else I can do, unless employers are willing to interview me after I get back, which is unlikely. At least I got some interviews though. I’m happy about that. If all else fails, there is always B-round and C-round.

Some good news to fall back on is that I have a few trips lined up over the next few weeks. I am going to Morocco this weekend with City Life. I could really use this getaway and change of scenery. I am not looking forward to the lengthy road trip, but I just hope Morocco will compensate for that. I also had plans to go to Portugal next weekend for Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m not sure if I will be able to go. The following weekend, I am going to Italy for a week to visit family! I can’t wait. After that, I doubt I will be doing any more travels. My pockets will be hurting, plus it’ll be  more than enough traveling at that point. I will keep you guys updated!


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