Mental Break

Hola todos,

I had a very long, stressful week. I had a few phone/Skype interviews for co-op, homework, a presentation for COM and classes in between. It was mentally exhausting. It’s definitely starting to feel like the end of the term now. I have a 5-page paper due soon, two finals to study for, another presentation to prepare for and homework. It’s all piling up. Nonetheless, I am currently in Italy visiting family!! I will be here for a week. I decided to come here because Tuesday and Thursday are holidays in Spain, so there are no classes. I asked my professors permission to take off of my Monday and Wednesday classes. My attendance was near perfect for COM and perfect for my Spanish class, so they didn’t give me any problems whatsoever. The professors in Spain are generally very understanding, at least in my experience. Classes have a more laid-back atmosphere than back in the states. They do everything possible to make it go at a good, smooth pace.

Anyway, enough about school. I’m with family! It feels great. I immediately felt more comfort here than I had ever felt back in Madrid for the past three months. It’s truly a relief from the rambling city life surrounded by strangers everywhere I went. I have an aunt and a cousin here that I see pretty often in the DR when we meet on vacation, as well as another aunt and cousin that I never met because they’ve basically been living here my whole life. I’m excited to meet them! I feel very happy here. I can’t wait to go out with the fam, have fun and of course eat some good home-cooked meals. Stay tuned next week for a couple of posts about my stay in Italy with pictures included!


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