HK: Orientation at City University of Hong Kong

Hi everyone!

My name is Tiffany Wong. I am studying abroad at City University of Hong Kong during the winter term and I’ve been here for a week and a half now. This post is going to be a recap of what happened last week during orientation.

I arrived in Hong Kong a day before and stayed overnight in the Regal Airport Hotel which is actually connected to the airport via a walkway so it was super convenient and necessary. The university provides a shuttle bus that will take you to the dorms. After arriving to my room and getting settled in, I had to complete my enrollment and pick up some paperwork from the Arrival Hall. The school gave us a hoodie and a travel adapter which came in so handy since I forgot to bring one. Later that day, I went to IKEA to finish furnishing my room since the only thing provided is a mattress.

Getting around using public transportation is super easy. Some friends and I went to Mong Kok and we took the MTR which is what the subway here is called. All the signs and announcements are conducted in English and Chinese. There were also signs that showed you what direction you’re headed and what the next stop is. It even tells you which side to exit at your stop. To get to the subway station, exit Academic 1 and head toward Festival Walk which is the mall that is connected to campus. Afterward, there will be signs in the mall telling you which way the MTR is. Mong Kok has so much energy and is filled with so many gems. One of the biggest attractions is the Ladies Market. The Ladies Market consists of stalls and is extended over several blocks. Here bargaining is expected. We managed to lower the price of a backpack my friend wanted from $180 HKD to $135 HKD! We also stumbled upon a cat cafe where the cats were known to be super fat and fluffy. To stay there, the combined cost of our order had to equal at least $48 HKD per person so it was not super cheap but definitely something you should experience at least once.

Fast forward a few days, I’m dragging myself up 268 steps to see a 112 ft tall Buddha. The view was breathtaking. Then we went to Tai O which is a fishing village famous for sightings of dolphins. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any.

Even though it’s only been a week, I’ve met some great people and have had an amazing time so far. On to my next week in Hong Kong!