HK: Feels Like Home

Compared to the courses at Drexel University, the ones offered here are a lot easier but there’s something about being on exchange that makes you lazier. It’s weird thinking how I have less than two months left in Hong Kong especially since I feel like I have finally gotten used to life here. For example, I have been been going to Nam Shan Estate every week in order to cook in my hall. The amount of money you save shopping there compared to Taste really ends up. For less than $5 USD, I was able to get a bunch of bananas, Chinese broccoli, ten eggs, green onions and a regular onion.

This week was the end of my two week trial at Flaunt Studio where they offer aerial hoop, dance and pole classes. I’ve always wanted to try something similar so I decided it was now or never. Originally, I considered continuing my membership but I changed my mind since I am super busy these upcoming weeks with most of my assignments due. I also bought tickets to go to Bangkok, Thailand and Seoul, South Korea. For students who are considering studying abroad in general, definitely buy plane tickets sooner. My friends and I could have saved a lot more money if we did especially since prices tickets during Easter break are higher than normal.

After losing my phone, I didn’t really go out much. My new phone, the OnePlus 3T, arrived so I had to get a SIM card for that. I recommend getting the China Mobile one and you can buy it from 7-Eleven for $80 HKD. To activate it, you have to go to a China Mobile store. The SIM card comes pre-loaded with $78 HKD in credit and you also get the first ten days free.


My friend stumbled upon a really good congee place in Central so we went there together to try and find it again. We ended up walking around for about 40 min before we gave up and went to a different congee place instead. The one we went to is called Wai Kee Congee Shop. Later I went to Kwai Chung Plaza with some other friends to check out the shopping centre and food. It reminds me of the Argyle Centre in Mong Kok although not as crowded. I tried radish cake with a sweet sauce, a chicken pie and my favorite, lychee ice cream. Fun fact, three of my friends actually ended up getting their ears pierced.

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