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This post is about the websites or portals that students at City University of Hong Kong use. The best way to access all the links without bookmarking them is to go to the school’s website,

On the upper right hand corner, hover over “Quick Links” and a menu will show up with all the links. The main ones that you will use are “AIMS”, “Canvas” and “Email”.

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This is the equivalent to Drexel One. It’s also where you would go to add/drop courses during the first two week of the term. If you are living in one of the halls, this is where you would go to report any problems with your room.

Screenshot 2017-03-13 at 03.04.36.pngTo submit a report:

  1. Click on the “Student Services” tab
  2. Click on the link that says “Student Residence”
  3. Click on the link that says “Service Request”
  4. Fill out the form.

My chair had a bunch of issues and after filling out the report, I received a new chair within the week.


This is the equivalent to BBLearn. All the information about your courses will be on here. The professors will post announcements on this website so it’s important to check it often. It basically does all the same things BBLearn does.

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It goes without saying that this is the equivalent to your Drexel Web Mail. Since its hosted on Outlook, there’s more features but I have not found the need to use them. Another advantage it has over Drexel’s email system is that there is no 100 MB limit.

Student organizations will also periodically send emails about events that they are hosting which is a great way for you to meet new people and maybe even get free food. You’ll also get emails from your residence master who is basically faculty who are in charge of your hall about events or notices pertaining to your hall.

Screenshot 2017-03-13 at 03.12.57.png

To login to your email:

  1. Click on “” under the “Student” column
  2. Input your Account-ID which is your username + “”
  3. Input your password
  4. Click “Sign in”

Here’s the link on setting up your email account on your phone if you have an Android:

Another thing that will be useful is to download the SRO app. The main function is to see if there are any washers and/or dryers available and when they will be done. The times are not exactly accurate though. Sometimes the app will show that the machine is finished but there would actually be a few minutes remaining.

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