Mi Comida Favorita

Ah, my favorite topic; FOOD! I could ramble on and on about the amazing food of Madrid but I’ll just give you a taste of some of my personal must-haves!

Huevos Rotos

My absolute favorite dish is the Huevos Rotos. Translation: broken eggs. I am not really an egg person but if I saw this dish on the menu, I’d order it without hesitation. Basically, it consists of fried egg on top of fries with cheese and sometimes comes with some sort of meat like ham or beef. While in Spain, I hadn’t met a Huevos Rotos that I didn’t finish. I like to think this dish is pretty healthy. You’ve got your eggs for protein, your fries AKA vegetables, cheese which dairy, and meat. It’s a filling snack and absolutely delicious! The internet has some pretty good recipes but you have to try authentic Spanish Huevos Rotos to really appreciate the dish.

Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española or Tortilla de Patatas is basically a fluffy omelet with onions and potatoes. Every Spanish restaurant makes their own version of it but it’s essentially the same where ever you go. This is one of  many typical tapas here and is very filling. It’s a great snack to share with friends or, if you’re like me and eat everything, it’s a great snack to eat by yourself to hold you over until dinner time!


Ah croquetas! One of the first tapas I had in Spain. It is basically the shell of a mozzarella stick filled with cheese, potatoes, and ham. This beautiful concoction can be eaten by itself or paired with a dip. I usually eat it alone because I’m too lazy to get the sauce out of the fridge but if you’re a fan of fried sticks of carbs, this is the perfect dish for you! The best part is that is available everywhere in Spanish restaurants, inexpensive, and will be one of the first dishes to reach your table.


Now paella is another game. It is a big plate of Spanish rice, vegetables, and a choice of meat. I usually go with the seafood paella, which is a medley of shrimp, muscles, rice, vegetables, and mouth-watering spices. This is usually a dish to share. When we can’t decide which paella to get, my friends and I will order two or three and just take a little from each.


Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas are almost as good as Huevos Rotos. It’s cubes of potato covered in cheesy hot sauce. This tapa is also usually shared but it comes in a small bowl so it is the perfect appetizer for one person or a group. But you’ll love it so much you won’t want to share. Or maybe that’s just me… Either way, it is definitely a must try!

Gambas al Ajillo

Gambos al Ajillo is basically a sizzling skillet filled with shrimp soaked in garlic sauce. It is surprisingly filling and so flavorful. Paired with a piece of bread, this meal will make you order 3 more to-go. Gambo al Ajillo was the first dish I had with shrimp. Before coming to Spain, I had never tried shrimp and now I know why there’s been in hole in my life.

Churros con Chocolate


OH MY CHURROS. If you have never had an authentic churro dipped in chocolate, I feel bad for you. The soft and chewiness of the churro drenched in hot chocolatey goodness is an experience everyone needs to have. It’s the perfect amount of sweet to finish off any good meal!

I can honestly say Spanish food is one of the best types of food I have ever had. Embarrassingly, I thought coming to Spain meant tacos and burritos for days. Obviously I didn’t do my research nor did I realize that tacos aren’t even Spanish. When I first read the menu here I had no idea what any of the foods were, other than fries. I just pointed to foreign words on the menu and tried whatever came out of the kitchen. And I’m glad I did because I learned so much about food here and enjoyed everything I tried. I could feel myself being a part of the Spanish culture and really felt like I was embracing this new country.

Until next time, Hasta Pronto!

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