The One with the Goodbye Letter

Ciao Roma,

For the past month I’ve been able to listen about your history, adore your architecture and art, learn your language, understand your culture and people, and savor your delicious food. I definitely gain a few pounds while eating carbs and gelato everyday, but I’m sure the long walks under the infernal heat make for it. Your cobblestone streets are a hassle to walk, but somehow every woman here has master the art of walking in heels on it (excluding me, of course). The soothing sound of the church’s bells, peaceful as it is made my stay delightful. From a Puerto Rican girl that is used to the sound of the coqui to fall asleep, the sounds of the bells were a good alternative. Anatole Boyard describes you as “a poem pressed into service as a city” and he wasn’t wrong. Poem of beauty that withholds majestic sites, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel ceiling are one of the few that left me in awe and conquer my heart making want to stay here forever. Home to the greatest master of arts, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Raphael definitely thank you for serve as such inspiration. A city frozen in time indeed; nearly 3,000 years old and you still manage to not age a day. Wouldn’t be surprise if among so many fountains, one of them is the fountain of youth; too bad I didn’t stumble upon it.

Unfortunately, everything comes to an end and today I have to say goodbye for now. Living here for a month was literally what dreams are made of and I cannot wait until I get to come back and create more memories. You stole my heart! The culture, the language, the people, the art, the history, and the food are essentials elements to makes you the spectacular city you are. Never change.

Ci vediamo!

Note: Studying abroad was one of the best decision I’ve made in college. I recommend everyone to do it and if with my posts I didn’t convinced you to choose this program, then there are so many other options that may suit you better. Not only I was able to study abroad in Rome, but also the two free months I had after gave me the opportunity to keep traveling Europe and explore other wonderful cities. While studying abroad I was able to understand better other people and cultures, be more open-minded, be flexible and more considerate of other. I was able to savor other cuisines, learn another language, learn about the history of Italy, and most importantly be extremely grateful of all the things I have.

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