Adios Madrid, Good Day London!

It’s been real, Madrid. It’s the end of my four weeks here and I can’t say that I’m happy to leave. Saying goodbye to my teachers, my new friends, and the cheap cute clothes broke my heart a little bit. I wish I could spend more time in Madrid. I loved exploring the city and learning about the culture here. Madrid has been on my bucket list for so many years and finally being able to say that I got the chance to visit this marvelous paradise means so much to me. I know that one day I’ll be back but I can’t wait!

a03e9c56-ac77-4093-87b1-5e3806e912fd-e1501709763807.jpgI spent my last day in Madrid taking my Spanish final and enjoying a Flamenco show. Flamenco is one of my favorite styles of dance so to be able to close off my Spanish journey with the incredible performers from La Cueva de Lola. The passion for dance from these performers could be seen from a mile away. A Flamenco show consists of dancers (amount could vary), musicians (typically a guitarist), and a singer. Each performer gets a solo in addition to performing with each other. It is really a beautiful art form that encompasses the history and culture of the Spanish people. Performers use clapping and slapping their shoulders and thighs to add beats to the ones already being created by their shoes. The dancer’s feet move at an incredible speed and their level of stamina is insane considering their pieces tend to be at least 4 minutes long. Watching a Flamenco dance show is a must when visiting Spain. You can’t leave without going to one.


0af671de-f410-449f-9358-2137b4d10ca4.jpgMy flight to the UK is at 10am and my suitcase is about 5kg above weight. Filled to brim with clothes and souvenirs, I’m ready to start a new adventure in London.  I loved Madrid but I don’t think I could ever live here. The history, culture, language, and food are all so incredible but the weather is crazy hot in the summer and borderline unbearable. I also didn’t feel like I fit into the culture as much as I thought I would. I could see myself vacationing here 100% but living is another conversation. Everything is cheaper here- from clothes to food to apartments- which I love! I just couldn’t see myself going to work in this environment. But I do love the city, so I know I will be back one day! As I head off to the airport, I say my final goodbyes to the city that took care of me through the first four weeks of my first study abroad experience.

My next post will be from London so stay tuned!

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