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Every weekend is a new adventure and, honestly, I am LIVING. Australia is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been to. The city is just like any other city but, the nature? It’s top notch. This past weekend, we went to Mornington Peninsula which is about an hour’s drive away from Melbourne.

The first thing we noticed as we got off the highway and started going through the back roads towards our destination, was the “Koala Crossing” signs. The thing about Koalas is that during the day they chill in tree branches and sleep. It’s at night when they move around and cross the street—and that’s the scary part. If I ran over a Koala while in Australia, I would cry and probably want to come home. Good thing that didn’t happen.

IMG_7354On Friday, we went to the coast and battled a field of flowers to get to the water. It was quite beautiful. And, for once, the sunset wasn’t obscured by a cover of clouds; we could finally see it in all its glory.

On Saturday, we spent a whole day on the Peninsula. We drove out into the country and towards the water and it was amazing. The beach that we went to had all these rocks that stuck out above the water and jutted into the ocean. As we climbed out onto them, we were struck by the powerful beauty of the waves crashing in the water around us. The water was a beautiful blue color and freezing cold (I would know, I got soaked by a wave). Also, the waves were terrifying because we could see the power and force with which they broke on the rocks.IMG_7399

After exploring the beach, we sought to find a better vantage point for the cliffs and the sunset. There was a little trail extending from the beach up the hill. When we got to the top, we were able to see the cliffs and quickly realized that where we were was a point of Australia that we had seen a lot of photos for. The wind blew like crazy but I personally welcomed it because it dried my soaked clothing, and I was lucky enough to not get sick from it so win-win.

After thoroughly exploring the beach we had found, we were starving. We ended up going to a really nice barbeque place deep in the country where I had the best beef brisket ever. Australian barbeque is where it’s at.


Australia is beautiful and worth exploring so, if you ever go, Mornington Peninsula should be on your bucket list.


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