First Day of School: Round 2

There is something very important to remember if you’re a Music Industry student who wants to do the exchange program with Collarts here in Melbourne., and that is: you are not just exchanging with Collarts. The thing about the Music Industry Program at Drexel is that we have a wide range of course types and we learn about lots of different aspects of the industry. So, in order to fulfill all of our requirements, we exchange with Collarts for three classes and Macleay Business College for two of our classes.

Macleay started one week after Collarts, so that means we basically had two first days of school. The thing about Macleay is that it is supposed to be on Collarts’ second campus, but the weekend before we were supposed to start, the basement of the building flooded. As a result, due to safety concerns, our classes relocated to a conference center a couple of streets away from the original location.

The conference center is great! They have free coffee and tea and complimentary pens and pads of paper that you can take home with you. They also have food; it’s not usually for the Macleay students but after one class they did let us take a couple of donuts after the other conference left.

At Macleay, we take Business Research Analysis, which is equivalent to Economics, and Business Metrics which is equivalent to Finance…or something like that. They are both very boring subjects, but important to our major. At Macleay, I was again struck by the openness of the professors and the students around us. They were highly aware of the fact that we might not understand what they were talking about. Consistently, they would ask us, “Do you know what we mean when we say this?” “Do you guys have this in America?” And when we didn’t understand, they were more than happy to elaborate. The cynic in me can’t help but wonder how long that will last, but I haven’t seen it start wearing off yet so, thus far, things have been great in my interactions with everyone.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the balance between these business-focused and music-focused classes turn out but, now that I’ve gone to every class at least once, I’m eager to see where it takes me.


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