Day Trip: Great Otway National Park

Over the weekend, my roommate and I took an adventure to the Otway National Park. This national park is situated on the Great Ocean Road and spans about 103 square kilometers. It stretches along the coast and offers beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, and many different animals.

The first place we stopped off at was Mait’s Rest, a short and easy rainforest walk. The trail in this part of the rainforest is well maintained but is right in the thick of the forest. We didn’t see any animals, but the rainforest itself was beautiful. We were mesmerized by the different kinds of plants, flowers, and trees that we had never seen before other than on National Geographic documentaries. What really struck me were these trees that have grass growing directly out of its trucks and branches—or, at least, I think that’s what’s happening.


koalaAfter that, we wanted to get to Triplet Falls but we lost service. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the foresight to look up the directions in advance so we drove for a bit into the national park hoping we’d grab service somewhere. Even though we hadn’t planned for this detour, it was completely worth it because we not only found our way to a secluded beach far away from tourists, but we also stumbled upon wild Koalas. That made the whole unplanned detour so worth it.

Once we realized that there was no way we were going to grab service in the area of the park that we were in, we decided to retrace our steps and drive back towards the Great Ocean Road. On the way there, we got service and looked up the directions to Triplet Falls.

The road to get to Triplet Falls is a little…sketchy. You turn off the main road onto an unpaved one where you don’t ever really see cars, it’s just rainforest for about 21 kilometers. But, because it was secluded, we were able to see many wild parrots adorned in multicolored feathers, as well as feel immersed in the rainforest once more.

On the road to Triplet Falls, we passed by Hopetoun Falls. Since my roommate had read about it, we decided to stop off and see it. We hopped the fence to get closer and it was definitely worth it (even though I slipped and fell at one point). Please enjoy the picture:


After Hopetoun Falls, we finally arrived at the place that we were wanting to get to from the beginning: Triplet Falls! This one was more of a “hike” to get to, but it wasn’t difficult and the trail is very nicely made and maintained. The falls were worth it.

Triplet falls

In the end, Otway National Park is a 10/10 must-go.


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