They’ve Got Spirit, Yes they do


Just the other day I took the time to look at my calendar and count the weeks I had left in London. I’m halfway through my adventure and time is flying by too fast. I feel like there is so much more to see and do before I leave; more traveling, try new foods, learn more history and meet more people! Hopefully six weeks is enough time to accomplish all of my goals.

In my last post I touched briefly on the ultimate Halloween store I had encountered. But, what I did not know is that Halloween literally lasts for  weeks here. I thought America overdid it a little but I was wrong. The Halloween spirit is on an entirely different level in London. All weekend long no matter where I went people were walking around in full costumes with painted faces, some scarier than others (but all very creative), and their Halloween cheer. All of the stores were decorated with pumpkins, staff members wore costumes and the MAC store featured a body painting artist working on the female Freddie Cougar.  Halloween was Tuesday but I felt like it had already been Halloween for about two weeks.

This week I can honestly say I have felt the most like a student. I was snapped back into the reality that I’m not just abroad but I am “studying” abroad, and there has been a lot of studying to do. I have spent more nights in the library until about 1:00 A.M. then I would like to admit. I just want to be transparent with the study abroad experience; despite the adventures and exploration we still have classes, exams, and papers, a less exciting part of the experience but still necessary. But this week of studies is well worth the adventures I will embark on this upcoming weekend. Queen Mary University has a Reading Week during week six of the term, hence, no classes all week. Students are supposed to take this time to catch up on readings and studying but most students take this opportunity to travel, which is exactly what I will be doing! Since my mom is visiting we felt it was only right to travel to Barcelona and then head back to Paris for an early 21st birthday celebration.  I am so excited to visit Barcelona and even more excited for the food! Stay tuned!


Until next time, Pip Pip Cheerio!

P.S. Nobody actually says that here, just a little American humor

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