Conquering Dragon’s Back

Since my Hall likes to hold events so that the exchange students can be active on campus and within Hong Kong, I tend to go to a lot of them. Almost every week the hall has an event that we can all participate. Two weeks ago Youli and I participated in a Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Competition and it was a great bonding experience. With the term coming to a close soon in two week and then study break before Final exams, my friends and I are trying to squeeze a lot of stuff in last minute. We have all be busy with classes and final projects, so we have been trying to find time to relax and explore more. This past weekend, my hall organized a hike at Dragon’s Back and I knew it would be great for my friends and I do it because we wanted to go on it in the beginning months, but it was too hot. With the weather cooling down and being in the mid 70s, it was a great opportunity.

When we got to the area of the hike, it started to rain even thought it wasn’t in the forecast. We got lost because one of the hall tutors thought that there would be a short path to lead to the top of the hike instead of taking the stairs up. We had to go through a lot of fallen trees and step over weeds. It was funny that we got lost because we all thought the hike was going to be easy. We had to turn around and take a bus to the official start of the hike. When we go to the trail, we say a lot of young students coming down the stairs from the hike and we thought it was definitely going to be easy if these little kids could do it, but I doubt they did the full 4 hours of the hike.

It was very humid out after it rained, so we were all wet from the rain and then were sweating on top of that. Walking up the steep steps didn’t help us at all, so we started cracking jokes about it. Going up the stairs took a while because it is so narrow and there were people coming down while we were going up. When we final reached the top, the view was amazing. You could see out to the water and look down the mountain at the view. We went to the edge of the cliff and it look like we were going to fall off from far away, but it was very flat. We then had lunch on the cliff side and took a lot of pictures. After lunch was over, we started the other 3 hours of the hike.

The hike had very steep parts and flat parts to it. We saw beautiful views from both sides of the mountain and you could see parts of the city from the top. I have never walked for that long on that much of an incline before and I was very surprised that we kept up with the hall tutor who organized the event and is a regular hiker. At the beginning, he was far ahead from us, but then once we got comfortable we walked faster and caught up. After we finished the tough part, we took a break before we started our descend down to the beach for lunch/dinner. After we started walking to the stair down to the beach. Supposedly we went down over 250 steeps down to Big Wave Bay.

On the steps, the ground was very uneven and I twisted my ankle a little when I stepped down. It made it harder to walk a little but, but I was more careful for the rest of the hike. I am happy that I had my brace on because it just happened to be the ankle that I sprained four years. We finished the hike down at Big Wave Bay and ate at a local Taiwanese restaurant. The owners were very friendly and were happy to see exchange students in the area. The food was delicious and it was a great way to end the evening. We did the whole hike from start to finish in 3.50 hours, which is great because we thought we would finish really late and get back to campus later. We finished everything with the sun still up and were able to get back to campus with the sun just setting. It was a really great hike and I am happy that I got to go on it. Since being here I have been more active that I have ever been at Drexel and I know that I will keep it up when I get back.

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