York Uni: First Impression

If you plan on doing your study abroad at York, DO IT! I have only been here for a little over two weeks now and I have already considered transferring schools. I only joke! They don’t have my major…


The “Spaceship” on the main lake with some geese

Anyways, since I have only been here two weeks I wanted to share my first impressions of my new host uni, so let me formally welcome you to The University of York!


The main lake


The first couple of days I did not really leave campus. You know, had to get my bearings of the new place. At first, I believed the school was eerily empty. No one was around. Like, no one. And I was positive that there was supposed to be! I later found out that my arrival was just in time for exam week, so everyone was just in their room or study rooms, but I am sure you can understand my confusion/fright that I couldn’t anyone. In an attempt to find social interaction, I would just walk around the campus aimlessly and hope to find something and boy did I!

2018-01-22_23-14-17_264This campus is so serene! It is a very quaint school severed by a charming little river that connects two picturesque lakes. Both on campus! The best part are the hundreds of geese, ducks, and swans that inhabit the waters and surrounding groups. Pro tip: they are beautiful birds but do not mess with them! I heard they can get nasty with humans. Still waiting on the day in which I will see a goose chasing a poor soul around. Although I love the birds, I hope you don’t get a room that faces the water. The birds are just so dang L.O.U.D… You get use to it after a little while, but dang did it take some adjusting!


An academic building

A unique thing about York is that when you live on campus, you are assigned a “college” in which you belong. For example, at York there is James College, Vanbrugh College, Halifax and so on. By far the best is easily Derwent College which, of course, is mine. I am not just hyping it up because I live there, but because Derwent actually has the best reputation and the most activities throughout the colleges. For example, Derwent houses the only pub on campus, one of the best restaurants on campus, and also hosts amazing events like Club-D (Fast Fact: Club-D is an event Derwent has where they turn the dining room into a huge club! All of them are themed and everyone really goes ALL-OUT for them. They have had Halloween-D, Frat-D, Christmas-D, and Cabaret-D. Super fun!) and trivia night. (I repeat, best college.)


The first Quiz Night at Derwent

I bring this up because the students really gain a huge sense of pride for the college they are in. So much so that they all have chants that dis the other colleges and praise their own! I have already sung “I love you DERWENT and if it’s quite alright I need you DERWENT” a countless amount of time within my short stay. I would tell you a dis towards Derwent, but I would never let a dis about my beautiful college leave my mouth. (See what I mean. Been here two weeks and I bleed Derwent).


Students outside of Derwent (aka the best college)

To finish it all off, no matter what college anyone ends up here, they will have an amazing time. I made an excellent choice picking this school for a study abroad and I already dread the thought of leaving. Uni of York=Happiness.

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