Hopping Across the Channel

One of the best things about London is the fact that it is the perfect stepping stone to the rest of Europe. That mixed with the short schedule of classes means it’s extremely easy to travel for cheap! This lead me to go on the shortest flight of my life to Amsterdam! 3D1084C3-E65C-4891-B3A1-D5EC81D69227.jpeg

Even though London has a lot to offer it’s really fun to get to experience new cities. Amsterdam felt like a fairytale. The city itself is very old and filled with canals. The buildings are all different colors and slope along in a whimsical way as you walk along the streets. The city itself was much smaller than I had expected, making it the perfect weekend trip. I feel like I successfully saw the whole city in the two days I was there. A0E808A2-D9CE-4AED-AA68-ABD27691904F

The city has rich history filled with museums and exhibits. My favorite one was definitely the Moco Museum. It was a museum of modern art complete with Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein. His work was interesting to see and experience. All of the museums are situated in a square making it easy to see many different types of art from all eras. 95384B18-B73A-4590-86BE-E0B30D80AA2C

Amsterdam is also known for its cheese and wonderful pastry, Stroopwaffels. A wonderful cookie, waffle conglomerate complete with warm caramel in the middle.


Being able to travel easily is one of the things that I think makes London such a wonderful place to study abroad. Not only can you experience a very different academic than America, but you have access to all of the different cultures that Europe has to offer. If you come to London don’t hesitate to hop across the British Channel for the weekend!

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