Sick Day

This week I got the fun experience of being completely sick for a couple of days. Being sick is never fun but in a foreign country, I think it might be a little worse. When all you want to do is explore and enjoy the city, you have to sit inside and watch the days pass by. So here are some tips to surviving a gross cold while studying abroad.

1. Check the attendance policy

A small downside to being an international student is some of your attendance policies are more strict than home university students. My policy was that after missing two classes, I lose credit. So make sure you check the policy and choose your absences wisely.

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

The only way I was able to feel better was sleep. This was quite annoying as I wanted to go out in the world and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having this past week. But instead I had to make the decision to stay in bed and sleep it off. It really was the only thing that helped me get better and actually get me to go to class.

3. Tea!

Drink tea! Thankfully I am in a country where tea is a way of life, and there are many wonderful teas to choose from. My flat mates helped me choose some tea and enjoy it in the kitchen. And even though I was not feeling well, enjoying a cup of tea with some friends always makes you feel a little bit better.


4. If you need to skip class, skip class.

I went to a clinic (which was free! Amazing!) and they told me to power through and keep going to class. But, sometimes I think it’s better to make your own choice and skip class. I think this was the best choice I could make and I probably protected a lot of my classmates from illness.

5.  Get up and seize the day!

After going through a toilet paper roll of tissues and copious cups of tea, it’s time to get up and start being yourself again. This means going to class, getting some

food and going out with friends. This was the best way to actually feel better and start enjoying being abroad again.


In all being sick during your study abroad is the worst. I felt like I was wasting time I could’ve used to go see the city or get to know my friends better. But it seemed inevitable to get sick and it really passed quite quickly. If you follow these tips while abroad, you should be able to survive your sickness and get back to enjoying life abroad!

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