University of York: What it looks like

I did not know much about the University of York before I chose it as my study abroad school. ~Adventurous~ I knew that the school was a member of the Russel Group (The UK’s version of the Ivy League), but that was just about it. Oh, and that it was in York…

I bring this up because I was blown away by how pretty and modern the facilities are here. Well, not all of them, but most of the academic buildings are brand new!

York has two campuses. It has the East and West campus. The West campus is the original campus, so it has all the buildings that I classify as the “not so pretty ones” but still has a lot of “modernness” as well. On the other hand, the East campus is all brand new with new schools, sports facilities, and dorms (Super super nice). It is honestly the way prettier of the two campuses. The two campuses are basically connected, but simply have a large field that I guess could be classified as a “separator”. It’s a simple ten to fifteen-minute walk and you can always take the bus over, so in my opinion its all basically one campus.

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On the West campus is the Morrell Library. This thing is freakin’ massive! I get extremely lost every time I walk in that monster. My favorite thing about the library though are these cubby type things that they have scattered throughout the library. I have no better word to use other than cubby, but they are these seats that just completely encompass you from all sides. SO COOl! They are like your own little study caves. (Pro Tip: great for naps). This campus also houses the “Spaceship”. I really have no idea what the real name of this building is, but the “Spaceship” is this really funky looking building right on the water that houses the Great Hall. Main events in there are concerts, graduation, guest speakers, but I have never heard of anyone having class in there. Fun Fact: the architect that designed that building seemed to miscalculate the weight of the “Spaceship” when it had people in it. There was a concert in there once and the next day people discovered that some of the building actually sank into the lake from all the weight and jumping of the people!

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In the end, I wanted to write this blog because I wanted to show potential York goers what this school actually offers. I am one of the first students on this exchange program with York, so I get to help the next round of Drexelites figure out if York is the best decision for them or not. I often cover social aspects of York in my other blogs, so I hope this one helps students see some of the university. Uni = Awesomeness.