In Love With Berlin Part 3

Friday night I walked from Brandenburg Gate to the Fernsehtrum (television tower with a view). On the way I saw so much amazing architecture and they looked even more beautiful in the evening with less people there. When I got to the television tower, the view from above really showed how big Berlin is. I could see a tiny Brandenburg Gate from above.


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Saturday was my last day in Berlin. I would leave Sunday morning to go back to Vallendar. In the early afternoon I had lunch at a vegan restaurant which was also a part of a vegan supermarket. I stocked up on snacks to take back with me. I walked around Pankow a bit, and then had a delicious soy latte at a café while getting some work done. (The hard part of traveling during the quarter!) The latte had so much whip cream on it and it was huge, but I had no problem finishing it.


Hazelnut soy milk latte

Next, I took the train to see the Holocaust Memorial. It was dark when I arrived, maybe the dark made the experience even more impactful. I stayed there for a while just walking through the stones. In the center, it was hard to see anything far, only limited to seeing the ones directly in front of me. As can be seen in the photograph, the area is incredibly large, and even the location is historically significant.


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All in all, my trip to Berlin had been amazing. My last night there, I had some vegan chocolate cake while packing. Sunday morning I was at Berlin’s Central Station, which I posted a video at the station. There were so many people traveling because it was a Sunday. I arrived in Koblenz at 4 PM and went out to dinner with my friend from WHU. I couldn’t have asked for better 5 day-trip!


Vegan chocolate cake!


From 2 to 3 bags!




Delicious food in Koblenz after a long journey