Museum of the Week

As the strikes are still on-going at Queen Mary this week, I did not go with my class to a museum. I did however go with a friend to the Science Museum! On a rainy day there really is nothing better than walking into a free museum. Located in the museum hub that is South Kensington, it is nestled right between the Natural History Museum, and the V&A both of which I’ve covered in previous installments of this blog. The Science Museum was great to go see some more fun exhibits, while also learning more about the world.


The museum begins by showing technical advancements, starting from the first steam engine all the way to rocket ships and capsules that have actually been in space. To me, it is incredible to be able to visually see the way the human race has progressed through history. This museum does a great job of taking you through that journey, and showing every little part of what our progress has done. There was a really interesting part at the end of this room where the cases displayed many everyday objects throughout history. Things like guitars, rubber gloves, typewriters, any everyday object you can think of. Seeing them in this context allowed me to realize just how much technology we needed to learn before creating the everyday objects we are so used to now. I think it is quite easy to forget how incredible some of our household things really are.

The museum continues on to talk about space travel and all that goes along with it. It was great to see a different perspective on space travel for once. I’ve grown up with the Space Race, and seeing the story of space exploration from the British perspective was much less biased than I feel it was learning about it in the States. There was nothing about the race and how we needed to get to the moon first etc, but more about how people all over the world had to work to get the human race into space. And I enjoyed that narrative a lot more than the one I was so used to.


The museum continues on to show all aspects of science and has many interactive elements that are fun to play around with. One of my favorite rooms was one with many interactive games regarding global warming, and how we can change different things in our lives to make a better impact on the environment. I learned much more about energy flow and how to save it a bit better. There was also a great area where you could learn more about your own brain and personality through interactive games. Even though games may seem like they’re made for children, (of which there were tons at this museum) you can still learn a lot from them as an adult and have a good time at the museum because of them.

The Science Museum is a great place to spend a fun day, and learn some new things in the process. Like all the Museums in London, it’s a free place and wonderful way to spend a rainy day.


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