Last Days in York

You know the saying, “All good things come to an end.” Perfect way to describe the end of a study abroad. The end kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I always knew that the horrendous day where I would have to say goodbye to my floormates was inevitable, but I am talking about all the trivial things that you never really think of.

It all kind of hit me when I had my last class. I had this one special class at York that was a majority of exchange students and we all had a unique kind of bond. Well, as unique a bond you can have with your class mates… Anyways, after class that day we all went to a pub on campus to celebrate our last class together. Even the teacher went with us! It was her idea to be fair. This was the first set of goodbyes that I had to give out and this is when I realized that it was all ending. Ending fast.

That night we all got together to have our last movie night. We pulled in the mattresses, the duvets, the pillows, the endless amounts of food and watched a thriller movie. Now a movie night was not an uncommon occurrence on our floor, but what was different was that we all just continued sitting there for another hour and a half just sitting and talking with each other. That may not seem like a lot, but it was one of the truest forms of just enjoying each other’s company.2018-03-12_22-59-45_921

The next day was my last. We went to breakfast as per usual (saying goodbye to a full English breakfast every morning was definitely a lot harder than saying goodbye to my floormates lowkey. Don’t tell them I said that of course) and went on the day as normal. To celebrate our last night together, the floormates and I went to our favorite pub: Spoons! Well, I know it is my favorite, but I got to decide where we went so of course it would be Spoons. We ordered food and a couple drinks and just sat and talked. And talked. And talked. Did I mentioned we talked? We, twelve of us, sat at this pub for seven hours that night just chatting, playing games, and spending time together. An hour before we left the pub, they pulled out this caterpillar cake thing for me. Apparently, it is “the” cake to get in Britain to celebrate your birthday growing up. After we ate this awesome caterpillar, they pulled out this massive bag of different goodies of York and all food that they knew I loved. A York t-shirt, my favorite kind of English cookie, favorite type of British chip they got EVERYTHING! I was blown away with how well they knew me…2018-03-12_23-07-16_758

We went home, I finished packing, and I left that night to Amsterdam. As the taxi pulled up, I had to say my goodbye to them all. No words can describe having to say bye to some of your best friends without knowing when you will see them next.

In the end, I had some of the best months of my life in York and I want to thank the people that help make that happen. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity and I wish I could find a way to repay you all. York = Hardest Goodbye.