Day Trip to Brighton

Although traveling to different countries is always exciting, England has so many places to offer that are only a train ride away. This week I ventured on the hour long journey to Brighton! Brighton is a wonderful city right on the ocean, that even in the chilly spring days was extremely enjoyable. If you’re looking for a little day get away from the city, Brighton is exactly the place to go.


We started the day off by getting right off the train and walking straight to the water. The beach is entirely made of little rocks, much different than the beaches I’m used to. Surprisingly the rocks are really comfortable to sit on. We then proceeded to sit by the water for a while, taking in the water and the boardwalk around us. I was happily surprised to see a ton of windmills at the edge of the horizon.

After sitting and soaking in the sun (something that had not been coming around in London recently) we made our way down the beach to find some food. Everyone in Brighton told us to get fish and chips, which is apparently incredible there, so if you like fish and chips go for it. My friend Natalie and I, were not feeling like fish and chips however and ended up in a great little restaurant eating burgers and bruschetta instead.


Down the beach a little more and we ended up at Brighton’s famous pier, complete with rides, games and arcades. I’m imagining it is probably a hot spot for people in the summer, making it kind of empty while we were there, which I enjoyed. We spent a good amount of time playing 2 pence games in the arcade. That’s ride, 2 pence! The equivalent of 2 pennies. I even won a very small souvenir bear statue, complete with the word Brighton on it. Not that bad a souvenir for 2 pence. Although this really seemed like a summer hotspot, I enjoyed it so much as a chill spring day by the water.

We continued on to check out the Royal Pavilion, a large estate created for royals long ago and pretty soon it was time to hop back on the train to London. The town is an awesome day trip if  you’re looking for something fun and relaxed all at the same time. London is so close to many other places in England that are worth taking a day trip to, so make sure you don’t miss some great places by only traveling out of the country! Take the time to see some of England and surprise yourself with how nice of a time you can have just an hour from the city.



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