Getting Around London

If you talked to any my friends back home, they will most likely tell you that public transportation is not my forte.  I’ve taken the SEPTA to get to and from clinicals, but besides that my main source of transportation in Philadelphia is Uber. That being said, you can only imagine how proud of myself I am that I’m able to navigate through London better than I can in Philly.

One of my favorite things about living London is how convenient it is to get around the city. There are so many shops that are walking distance in Kensington, and if there is some place specific I want to go to, I can just hop on the Underground or bus. Literally everyone takes the Underground or bus here. It is much more commonly used among all classes because it is much faster to get around with out having to deal with all the congestion charges and traffic in the city. And since my program fee included an OysterCard, I can pretty much travel to any area for free!

Since getting my OysterCard I find myself at Vodaphone (a phone company) about once a week since I’ve been here. I plan to explain more in a later post that may or may not be titled, “Learn from Ebony’s mistakes :)”. I also often catch the bus to shops such as Primark and TopShop way more that I should, but at this point I cannot help myself. Many of the most popular tourist spots such as London Bridge, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben are all accessible via public transportation.


Who knows?…Maybe this new found sense of direction I developed will be put to good use in Philly as well.



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