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“Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item” –  Isaac Marion

One of the biggest perks of having family abroad is that you have one of the best resources possible, their experience. Luckily for me, I have a decent amount of family here in London. While in Paris, I decided to interview my cousin, Shannel, on her experience living in London, along with her impressions of the United States, American life and American students. We are both around the same age and she is also a student in Uni right now. And because of that she has been able to provide me with the perspective of someone my age… or rather the inside scoop.



What are your first impressions of USA?
S: Um…it looks fun, but scary at the same time, because it’s quite dangerous..but so is London, but I’m from London so it’s fine. It seems like there are lots of things to do …too. And everything is different; different restaurants, different culture, and more things for young people to do.
Where would be the first place you’d visit in the US?
S: I would go to Miami for the sun or New York for the shopping and sight-seeing. Oh! And Vegas, I always wanted to go to Vegas, even though I don’t gamble but it would be fun.
Where would be the first place you’d go eat in the US?
S: I would go to Popeye’s because I’ve heard so much about it or Cheesecake Factory for the cocktails.
Where would be the first place you’d go shop in the US?
S: Sephora
E: Okay, why Sephora?
S: Because when I watch travel videos and YouTubers I see all the products in Sephora that we can’t get over here, and it’s also such an experience
What are your first impressions of US college students?
S: You guys have more fun than we do and the school work seems harder.
E: What?! Why would you think the school work is harder?
S: Based of the things you have to do and how long you guys are in school, it just seems harder
How do you like living in London?
S: London is amazing. Everyone should come here, but they have to come during the summer. Winter (Fall for you guys) is amazing around Christmas time, so much markets, the lights, the food. Christmas and New Years time in London is just magical.
What is the first thing you’d tell someone to do or try while in London?
S: Go to Camden . There’s nice restaurants,markets and pubs and clubs. Camden has everything, you just have to look (lots of hidden gems).
What is your least favorite thing about London?
S: Weather, only because we could have a thousand different seasons in one day. Summer only lasts for a month really. Everyone from London will complain about the weather.
What is your favorite thing about London?
S: There’s a lot of things to do… like there are bars, clubs, free museums and more.
Is it common for Uni student to often travel to other countries?
S: Yeah, a lot of students travel within Europe on their holidays
Top 3 food places in London?
S: Nando’s, Pub lunch ( like Weatherspoon), Gaucho
Top 5 clothing shops in London?
S: Okay so my top 5 physical stores are Primark, Topshop, River Island, New Look, and Zara. My top 5 online stores are PrettyLittleThing, Oh Polly, Missguided, Boohoo, and In the Style
E: *smiles* PrettyLittleThing has been one of my favs since before I even came to London and Primark has become my new obsession.
Have you visited ….?
E: The London Eye…
S: No, I been to the area where it is of course and I went once to get on but the queue was too long.
E: Buckingham palace…
S: Yes
E: Kensington palace…
S: No
E:Big Ben
S: Yes
If you could study abroad, where would you go?
S: Before Paris, it would have been a non speaking country but now, I’m not so sure. But I always wanted to study in Japan
E: Why Japan?
S: Japan has such an intriguing culture and history. I would like to see how I would cope in  a environment that is so different to mine, with language, food, and culture.
Shoutout to Shannel for answering all my questions!
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