Weekend in Busan Part 1 (Gamcheon Culture Village)

Last weekend, we had Monday off because May 5th is a national holiday, being Children’s Day. Although Monday wasn’t the 5th, our university still cancelled most of our classes anyway. We took advantage of this to travel 5 hours south to the city of Busan. Busan is one of the more popular places to visit in Korea as it’s at the very edge of Korea and surrounded by beaches. It’s even far enough that Koreans in Busan have a different dialect than the people in Seoul. Being a little less crowded, Busan is a wonderful place to visit if you want a more relaxed weekend and to go visit the ocean.

On our first day there, we took a bus about 40 minutes away to visit an area called Gamcheon culture village. It’s a valley populated by bright, colorful stores of all types. I believe there were cafes, restaurants, houses even, but the scenery was too pretty that I barely paid attention to the actual insides of the stores. (We even forgot to eat lunch haha) This is a pretty tourist-y destination but the scene still felt very genuine and not at all a place to just make money. There is kind of a semi-circle route if you want to go around the small village. Make sure to look for areas where you can go to the roof-tops to get the best view. Also, I’m not sure if it was just this day in particular or if it was because we were so high up and near the ocean but it was a really windy day, which was the perfect kind of weather if it’s warmer out.

After making the semi-circle trip around the village, we got to the base and saw that there was the ocean not too far away. Of course, we decided to go to the beach. We made it in time to see the sunset and there was barely anyone there. If you look closely at the background in the beach picture, you can see that there was a sky line ride in the background which could be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Also, if any of you reading ever decide to go to Busan, try to find this water fountain that changes rainbow colors! We found the lights suddenly turn on while playing near the beach.

We finished our day off by walking around a bridge that went over the water. There were plenty of nice places to take pictures at and combined with the nice weather, our first day in Busan was a great experience.