Let’s talk food…again

Borough Market


Borough Market holds the title of one of largest and oldest food markets. Its filled with a variety of shop vendors who sells jams, oils, cheeses, pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables, hot meals and a bunch more. My favorite thing I’ve had there so far would be the fish and chips and a caramel fudge brownie. Borough Market is just one of those spots that you have to walk through if you ever visit London.

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen

Just look at it….cute, right? Definitely one of my favorite cafés so far mainly because their food actually taste as good as it looks. My favorite treat here would have to be the #prettycitylondon cookie. It was the perfect snack for one of my late nights typing a 2000 word genetics paper.

Saint Aymes


Saint Amyes is another one of the many cafés we went to before our 2PM class. Two things on the menu that stood out to me were the unicorn cookies and the 24 ct gold cappuccino, so of course we got both. Coffee and sweets are a must here in London, so why try to avoid that.

Cheese Wheel



This one was difficult to find but it was worth the hunt. Located in KERB Camden Market, the Cheese Wheel is a street food vendor that pretty much takes hand rolled pasta, coats it in alfredo sauce and then rolls it around in a cheese wheel. It was so good that I have already planned my next visit back. Plus Camden Market has a ton of other food vendors that I need to try.

Cereal Killer



Also located in Camden Market! They literally have every cereal I have ever heard of and many I haven’t. And guess what? They have ice cream too; the lucky charms ice cream was the highlight to my day and the maltshake was pretty good too.

Fish, Wings, & Tings


This was one of the first spots I tried in Brixton. It’s a Caribbean restaurant with a Trinidadian flare. The set up, smell, seasonings, and just the whole meal reminded me of home. In need of Caribbean food in London, Brixton is the place to go.

Royal Garden Hotel


This may look very familiar to some of you, I may have mentioned their afternoon tea once ….or maybe twice. Well, it’s mentioned again since I’ve been a total of three times because I have an issue and it’s just that good.

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