Studying in Seoul Forest

I mentioned Seoul Forest in a post before and that day, my friends and I thoroughly explored the area. But this Sunday, it was a nice day and we wanted to rest this weekend so we decided to get some of our homework done at the park.

Just as a quick note, I know I’ve been doing a lot of traveling but the schoolwork in Korea is just as tough as it is at Drexel. One thing that I recommend travelers to pay attention to is how they manage their time because I still think it’s important to prioritize academics, especially in Korea where almost everyone prioritizes academics, like your professors, group project members, peers, and so on.

Regardless, while some of us had homework, other friends had absolutely nothing to do! Why? If you take intensive Korean here at Hanyang, you finish class almost a month earlier than everyone else. So the few people I know that had taken this class, who have struggled through 4 hours of classes everyday, were blessed with another month to just have fun. Those friends brought along game consoles, books, and other things with us to the park.

It wasn’t a particularly interesting day which is why I don’t have that many pictures. It was also a good opportunity to have a picnic and we brought along some snacks with us.  Something I noticed was that, my second time coming to the park, the attractions changed! There were definitely more interactive sculptures here this time that kids were playing around in. I’m not sure if the artwork is a constantly changing thing or a rotation through the seasons but I was right before in that Seoul Forest is definitely a place that should be visited more than once.

After spending the day lying on a mat, doing our work and swatting away ants, we eventually took the subway back to Wangsimri. With nothing else to do on that Sunday, we decided to spontaneously spend the rest of the night. We blindly walked through the town area and picked the first restaurant to catch our eye. Because of our inability to speak fluent Korea, the restaurant turned out to be full of surprises, including a fire show. We also decided to go to the theaters without checking what movies were out and we decided upon watching Han Solo the movie. Visiting the movie theaters in Korea are always a fun time and our spontaneous night turned out pretty well.

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