Ultra Music Festival Korea 2018

When in South Korea, besides traveling around and seeing as much history and culture as you can, I also recommend to check what events might be happening exclusively in Korea while you are there. This could possibly range from concerts, shows, musicals, pop-up cafes, and so-on.

One particular event that my friends and I were interested in was called Ultra Music Festival, which, while it does take place all over the world, was my only chance to attend as the one in America happened hours away in Miami, FL and costs 2 times as much. Not only was this a chance to watch certain Korean artists along with international artists, it was also one to see what it might be like to be part of the Korean crowd compared to an American crowd, which is an experience itself. Ultra Korea was an EDM festival that lasted over 3 days. It was planned to be hosted at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamsil which is a venue used to hold many different kinds of events in general, usually Kpop concerts or sports competitions.


So last weekend, my friends and I went together as a group and saw several artists perform, including and featuring some like: Zedd, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta (who is shown in the featured image), Galantis, Steven Angello, (Korean: Raiden, Dok2, Mad Clown, Drunken Tiger, Sik-K) and more.

This was an event where I saw a lot of foreigners and Korean people coming together and just having fun. There was a sort of mutual pride as we were all celebrating in Korea. One thing that I really found cool was that the artists even remixed Korean songs to cater to the crowd, such as Zedd putting his own style on a Korean idol group’s, BTS’s, new song Fake Love (which can probably be found on youtube).

Other than that, the differences between my experiences were few and there’s not much interesting to report on. The hosts of Ultra mentioned bringing together cultures through music and it seemed like it did exactly that because everyone was just being who they wanted to be. Overall, it was an exciting weekend where we got to meet new people, have fun, and enjoy music. My purpose of this post is just that while traveling around South Korea is a must, make sure to also enjoy what might be happening in the present while you’re there.

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