Abroad on a Student Budget:

So before coming to Australia, I had heard that Sydney was an expensive city. I didn’t realize how true this actually  was until I checked my bank account three weeks into enjoying the city life. Since an Australian dollar is equivalent to .74 US dollars it is kind of hard to imagine the conversion on the moment when you are deciding what type of eggs to buy at the supermarket. However, there are different ways to get around Sydney’s expensive lifestyle that I’ve noticed as I’ve talked to more locals and gotten to know the city better.


RULE #1: Stay AWAY from tourist areas where shopping is concerned.

Sure, the Sydney opera house and the Harbour are must sees, but if you are planning to spend the day shopping or eating out, try areas that aren’t known for being filled with tourists. Restaurants and shops will use this as an excuse to raise their prices. Instead, try going to Newtown, which is known for its abundance of thrift stores and sales.


RULE #2: Keep a look out for pop up markets

If you want to enjoy a day of shopping and eating, make sure to check out the Glebe Market. Every Saturday different local stores set up shop with amazing prices. You can find the best thrifted or discounted clothes and jewelry at this market. There are also small food tents set up for a cheap but delicious meal. This by far one of my favorite things to do on a chill Saturday.



RULE #3: ALDIS over Coles

I had no idea there could be such huge price differences between supermarkets until coming to Sydney. The two major supermarkets in Sydney are Aldis and Coles. However, Aldis is your best option on a budget. Coles is your typical big supermarket with a bunch of imported brands and produce, while Aldis is more local and thus cheaper.


RULE #4: Take advantage of the fact that you are a student

I’ve learned that it is never a bad idea to ask f they have student discounts anywhere in Sydney. Your student card can help you get cheaper prices for stores, public transportation, and various park and attractions.


RULE #5: Cook

Sure, it’s hard to go back to the cooking routine when you are abroad since there are so many new places to go eat, but if you are really trying to save money this is a must.  Try saving eating out for the weekends or trips, but when you are going to school it’s just easier to pack a lunch. In the end, this will help you save a lot of money.


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