The Many Markets of London

One of the greatest things about London is all of the Markets! Whether you’re looking for food, produce, clothes, or antiques, there is a market for everything. These markets are scattered across London, so visiting them is the perfect way to explore the great city of London. Some of my personal favorite markets have been Portobello Market, Borough Market, and Camden Market.

Portobello Market was one of the first places that I visited when I arrived in London. On one end there were stands with prepared snacks and produce, while the other side was more of a shopping experience. For the most part, there was all kinds of antique jewelry, pottery, china and some vintage clothes. There were also little boutiques and souvenir shops scattered about. My favorite part was checking out all of the vintage clothing and jewelry.

My Food, Society and Culture class brought me to the Borough Market for a walking tour and gave us free time to roam afterwards. We have been learning about how diets, food preparation, and food shopping has changed throughout history. Borough Market is the oldest market in London, supposedly dating back to the 11 century. Today, it is an amazing spot for food. There is a great deal of prepared food from many different cultures as well as fresh produce at affordable prices. While I was there, I tried Turkish Delights, french pastries, and vegan tacos! The market also has tons of foods that are accessible for vegans, vegetarians and people with dietary restrictions. With such a wide selection of food, It is a great place to grab snacks from all over the world with your friends, because there is something for everyone.


Lastly, I loved visiting Camden Market. Located in Camden Town, this market is already in a very cool neighborhood. If I were to compare Camden Town to an area of Philadelphia, I would say that it is a little bit like South Street. With a great deal of vintage shops, record stores, local artists selling artwork and jewelry, and great food, Camden is definitely a millennial-friendly destination. There are also loads of great places to get food. The food stands serve food truck-esque meals, and are fairly affordable. Like Borough Market, there is a great variety of foods to pick from.


The Entrance to Camden Market. “Camden Market: Come In We’re (very) Open (Minded)”

The Markets around London show the diversity of the city. There are people from all over the world sharing their amazing food with Londoners. There are local artists selling their handmade goods, and a sense of community. These markets are a great way to get out in the city and interact with the locals, and they’re just a great place to spend time with friends.