A PEEK INTO AUSSIE BEAUTY: Learning in the Outdoors

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to take some electives that you may not be able to take back home. For instances, Learning in the Outdoors at USYD, or EDUH4025. Before coming to Australia, I knew from the start that I wanted to try a fun elective that would not be offered at Drexel. A friend that had been studying abroad at the University of Sydney before me recommended me to take this class. So far, no regrets. Learning in the Outdoors is an amazing opportunity to leave the regular classroom scenario and venture yourself into some of Australia’s best sights.


Royal National Park

This class is the perfect opportunity to learn about Australia’s ecosystem and also see it for yourself. The class consists of two main trips, a day trip to the Royal National Park and a full weekend hiking the Blue Mountains. These trips allow you to immerse yourself in Australian wildlife, meet other exchange students, and even do a little soul searching. The trip to the Royal National Park has definitely been a highlight of my time here in Australia. The park has an beautiful coastal trial with distinct sceneries. Views range all the way from white sand beaches to colorful rock cliffs.


Photo Credit: Theo Cross

Additionally, the class allows you to learn how Australians interact with their land. Australians are really protective and caring towards their ecosystems and wildlife. This is why airport security is really strict on what is let into the country. So a little tip, don’t try to bring your favorite coffee beans or fruits with you since it could end in a $3000 dollar fine. However, this pays off in the end as the hikes are filled with native plants that are not seen anywhere else. This also leads to unique species of birds and other wildlife.

Thus, I’ve you are looking for a good elective to take while abroad, this class is definitely a 10/10 in my books. I feel like I have learned a lot about Australia and the appreciation they have for nature and its history. There is a collective respect towards the rightful owners of the land, leading to recurring talks about aboriginals and all the myths and legends relating to Australian land, which I have found to be fascinating.