Ohh food, my favorite subject. It has taken me a while to write this post, but the time has come for me to share all the knowledge I’ve gathered for the past two months. By far, one of my favorite hobbies is checking out new restaurants and trying new foods. I am glad to report that Australia hasn’t disappointed me. With restaurants in every corner and food festivals almost every week, you really do get a taste of everything. Hence, here are a few things I’ve noticed:

  1. If you a looking for regular iced coffee, make sure to ask for a iced long black. Otherwise, you will have the pleasant surprise of a vanilla ice cream scoop inside your coffee.
  2. Australian’s love beetroot. When in a restaurant, it is very common to see beetroot added to foods you don’t normally eat with it. For instances, burgers tend to have beetroot, which I give a 10/10. Harry’s Bondi Beach rainbow burger with its quinoa and beetroot patty is a definite must.  
  3. Don’t be surprised to pick out flowers out of your food. Cafes and brunch places tend to decorate their food with small flowers all the time. I must admit that it does add to the aesthetic of the plate.20181010_232705.jpg
  4. TimTams are life. These have become my addiction since week 1. TimTams are small chocolate cookie biscuit that you’ll find yourself eating after every meal. You will find these in every grocery store and will want to buy them all.20181010_234013.jpg
  5. Aussie BBQs, known as barbies, include a weird variation of an American hotdog. Instead of using hotdog buns, you place the BBQ-ed sausage, known as snag, in a slice of regular white bread and just fold it. This typically includes the addition of some onions.
  6. Tolerating vegemite requires a finding the perfect ratio between butter and vegemite. Although I still have yet to make a vegemite toast that I actually enjoy, it has grown on me overtime. Tip #1, the more butter the better.
  7. Fairy bread will have you reminiscing about your childhood. Fairy bread is literally just colored sprinkles on white bread with butter. So simple, yet sooo good.
  8. Meat pies are iconic in Australia. You will be surprised by how easy it is to find places that sell various meat pies at all hours.

These are only of a few things that have stood out to me. However, the list of delicious and rather odd foods you can find in Australia is endless.

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