Studying for Midterms in a Foreign Country

It’s crazy to think that my time here is at its midpoint. Not only does that mean that Fall Break is right around the corner, but more importantly I just wrapped up midterms.


Vesalius does not feel all too different from Drexel course wise, at least from my experience. I took two courses that would knock out degree requirements which means that the workload is not all too different from back home. Once again, I do not recommend this friends! Some of my fellow program participants were smart and decided to take courses that were not super heavy on coursework in order to spend less time hitting the books and more time enjoying their international experiences.


Nonetheless, I couldn’t dwell on the past as my exams were ever looming. Back at Drexel, I have a very distinct way that I study that has not failed me yet. However, it requires me to give my full attention to solely studying. This can be a bit difficult when you are abroad, since that may mean missing out on an experience that will be way more memorable and valuable to you in the future than reviewing notes.


I got very stressed over this when I first got here because I felt like no one was studying at all. Of course this wasn’t true but the fact that I wasn’t on my Drexel grind really threw me off my game. I tried to see if anyone on the internet felt the same way or had any advice to give, but found almost nothing to help me out.


My top advice for studying while abroad, for midterms and in general, would definitely involve prioritizing efficiency over quantity. Especially during EPA, when your internship consumes most of your time here, you don’t necessarily have all the time you do when you’re back home to study.

If you have friends in your courses, try to set up a study group and collaborate on a study guide. That way, you have an accountability partner while also splitting up the work. Don’t abandon all of your studying habits, though. I felt that I didn’t understand the material as well as usually do before an exam, so I returned to my trusty Quizlet app and brushed up on my terms.


Don’t stress, it won’t be as bad you think it is! Vesalius was founded by American professors, so a lot of the formats you encounter here will be familiar to you. There were really no meaningful differences between my midterm and the ones I took at Drexel, so you don’t need to worry about some completely new thing you’ve never experienced.


Always remember to work smarter, not harder!

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