A Trip to the Supermarket


A trip to the supermarket at Tsinghua is eye opening. At Tsinghua, there is the C building with a massive amount of services located inside, including a printing station, the Bank of China and atms, the China Post, book stores, electronic stores, and even an eye purchasing booth! Tsinghua makes this extremely easy to try.

My favorite and most frequented spot in the C building is the jungle of a supermarket on the basement floor. I have noticed many aspects of Chinese food such as flavoring, seasoning, hot and spicy, or sweet and subtle. Yet the biggest and most appreciated part of Tsinghua’s supermarket is the sheer amount of floors of different things.

For example, in China there is a maze and wall full of bottled teas! Some days I’ll risk it and completely buy a new and different kind of tea. I particularly love the honey jasmine tea that I can never find back home. It’s truly a taste of floral mixed with the cooling sensation of tea!


Next, China has ramen and noodles, loads of them. The have a whole aisle dedicated to the university’s widespread consumption of packaged noodles. Other than noodles there are typically soups that only need hot water to make, flavors such as Spicy Beef Pepper, or laver egg! Laver egg is honestly a delight to chow down on.



Lastly, the best a most amazing part of Chinese supermarkets is seeing the different varieties of Western food formulated to fit the tastes of the local Chinese palette.

Overall, the selection of food in a Chinese supermarket is a godsend. I end up loving the diversity of products even if I really don’t understand or know what is inside the food, which is a little frightening. Despite this, the supermarket at C is amazing and worth it for those who want to send back funny food adaptations.


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