You can’t be bored!!

January 21, 2019


  • Make sure to check out all the clubs available and join some!!
  • Get some school gear!!!!!
  • Add money to your student ID card at any 7-Eleven (with a 50 cent fee)

Here at NTU, there is always something happening and there is always something for everyone. This school has so many clubs that you can never complain about being bored.

For example, I went to a trial class for the Dance Academy club and it was great. I was expecting salsa but we were actually taught cha cha cha, and it was really fun. The turnout was great since a lot of people showed up. I met a couple people and tried something new. There are many different types of dance clubs, differing in the genres.

There are clubs for art, music, sports, etc. But, something that is different here is the community within the halls. There are teams formed within the halls and then halls compete against other halls within the school. This is very different from Drexel, because the dorms are just for living and socializing with the people there. Here at NTU, there seems to be a community within the halls themselves, on top of all the clubs that school has to offer. I often see students wearing sports clothes with “Fivers” or “Hall 2” on them, showing that they are a part of a team. I also see signs up outside of the halls saying “join the basketball team”, etc. I recently also heard that there is a hall that has a jazz band.

Basically, the number of things you can do here is limitless.

Everyday, there is some sort of booth or little event happening at North Spine. Sometimes there is a performance, activities or little goodie bags, depending on the reason for the set up.

The school spirit here is very strong. Just like at Drexel, there is a school merchandise store with shirts, baseball caps and things of that nature. The prices are very reasonable and I made sure to purchase a shirt.  

Like I mentioned before in another post, there seems to be a store for everything here. There is a bookstore that has all sorts of school supplies, again at reasonable prices. In that store, they also have a lot of textbooks and postcards, which I was sure to grab. I like that fact that everything is very student friendly when it comes to prices.

Something very convenient here at NTU, and also Singapore itself is that there is a card, that I like to call the universal card. I found this out at NTU first, my student ID card can have money put on it. You can use this card to buy things at the stores and also at the food courts. I also found out that this card can be used as bus fare for all buses in Singapore. Then, when I started going out into the city, I discovered that a lot of stores accept this card as payment. This is great because that becomes a very useful card and lessens the amount of cards in your wallet. At the same time, make sure not to lose it!!! That would suck, especially if you are putting a lot of money on it at a time.