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January 28, 2019


  • Download the app “Grab”, it is the equivalent of Uber here in Singapore. Just like Uber also has Uber Eats, Grab also has Grab Food
  • Make sure to add money to either your student ID card or EZ-link card, in order to use the MRT

In a city of so many people and the high expense of cars, the transportation is very reliable.

First of all, there are many ways of transportation here just like anywhere else. I took the taxi before and it was very expensive so I will not do that anymore. I took a “grab”, which is the equivalent of uber here in Singapore and it was not as expensive as the taxi but it was still pricey. I took the bus to the nearest MRT Station and I love it!! The MRT is so nice and clean and so convenient. You can go anywhere you want in Singapore. This is so great, because it causes me less trouble to find a way to and from, when I’m sightseeing.

MRT Station

The more I walk around in Singapore, the more that I realize that everything was so carefully designed. Everywhere I have gone so far, there is always a sidewalk. Although that might sound like a very insignificant observation, it is very cool. Do you ever end up walking on a sidewalk and come to find out that it just randomly ends at some point? Then, you have to walk on the road or switch to the other side before any cars come. Here, there is always a sidewalk on both sides of the road and they lead to everything. It’s awesome and very thought out.

Anyways, the MRT gave me such a nice view of Singapore, I got some really great videos. The MRT has these huge glass windows that let you see Singapore from a slightly higher altitude. I saw the Chinese gardens and also the very tall residential buildings. It made me so happy to be able to see these things because it was so breathtaking. This view made me realize how packed Singapore is. The buildings are so tall and so close to each other.

Pretty view of Singapore

On the MRT, everything is very labeled, it’s almost impossible to get lost. There are LED signs that tell you what stops it will be making and a little sign that tells you which door is the one that will open at that station. In other words, very useful and very visual. The MRT is very spacious and also super clean. I was actually coming back from Chinatown with a spring onion pancake in my hand…and also in my mouth…and I got stopped! One of the people working there stopped me and ushered me to the side and asked me why I was eating. I was so shocked at that and responded with “Uh…” and the person pointed to a sign that said no eating. I sadly put the spring onion pancake back into its little baggie and back into my purse.

Directions for the stops the MRT makes

With this MRT, I will be sure to travel anywhere I have the time for.

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