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February 25, 2019

It doesn’t matter how many times I see the school, everytime is like the first day.

It’s just such a beautiful school and I think that all the students who get to use this school for 4 years, are incredibly lucky.

There are so many different buildings with so many resources. I actually found out that the school has 4 libraries on campus! Not to mention, there are buildings that are entirely meant for studying. For example…The Arc, it’s known as the Learning Hub because it has floors and lounges for students to study. There are also multiple rooms with monitors and whiteboards that can be reserved by anyone. It is an amazing building.

As I’ve been walking around, I keep seeing new signs being put up everyday for different departments. The people working at the school have been bringing big pieces of wood and placing them in certain arrangements throughout the lobby of the main level. As days go by, I see them painting and adding all these extra things. I found out that all of this stuff is for the NTU Open House that is coming up. Since it is an Open House for incoming students, each “station” is for the different engineering departments, education, sport science and all the other majors here at both NTU and NIE.

When I look at this stuff, it really puts everything into perspective. I notice that all the events that are held at NTU are so carefully coordinated. The time and effort they put in to plan everything and make these events so beautiful, it’s quite great.

One of the girls that I met here is actually part of an organization that plans many different events. One of the events that is soon to start is their art focused program. It runs for about a month or two and has many artistic activities to sign up for. These activities are very unique because I have not encountered something like it before. They have lessons to teach you how to make a terrarium, how to play the ukulele, painting, graphic design, salsa dancing, and others. They are really unique and I think it is great! It really makes you want to get involved with the school.

Another thing I notice here at this school, is that there are so many dance events. Dance is everywhere. Actually, each hall where the students reside, has a dance team. And soon enough, the competition between the halls will be here. I think that is really cool because people really get to know each other and get involved in things other than just studying. The one thing I do want to mention is that I wish there were clubs that didn’t compete. For example, I wanted to join one of the latin dance clubs here but ended up not because they practice for the semester to compete at the end. I didn’t want to compete and wish there was a club that was just a leisure club. Most of the activities here are for competition amongst the different halls.

(That bird is real by the way…I had great timing haha)

Other than that, I continue to be amazed by the structure of this school.

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