Holidays Away From Home

Have you ever spent a holiday away from home or your family? I have before, but it can be difficult, especially if it is your first one. Not everybody can say that they’ve experienced a holiday in another country! I viewed this opportunity to celebrate in a new culture as an exciting challenge.

We started off the morning by cooking brunch, a typical meal we would share with our families back home during Easter. We all chipped in for groceries and made it special for the holiday. Our communal kitchen at Metrogate is fully furnished with kitchen supplies, so we were able to prepare breakfast. A nice meal shared between friends was a great way to start off our first holiday abroad!

On Easter Sunday, I typically would go to church with my family at home. I learned that there is no need to break your home holiday traditions, if you don’t want to! London is filled with many different cathedrals, churches and temples. We attended mass at the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is a very famous landmark in London.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral dedicated to Paul the Apostle. It was originally built in 1256, and then renovated in 1675 after it suffered damage from the Great Fire of London. Many notable events have taken place at the cathedral. To name a few, this includes the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, and the birthday’s of Queen Elizabeth II. Mass at St. Paul’s was a great way to continue my Easter traditions, while also being able to visit a significant historical landmark in London.

There were also many Easter festivals happening throughout the city. We stumbled upon an outdoor festival, filled with street food and music. We were able to enjoy the warm weather and eat delicious London street food to celebrate Easter. Make sure to keep an eye out for holiday-related celebrations happening around the city, if you happen to spend one abroad!

Sometimes being away from family can be hard when you are studying abroad, especially during a holiday. However, spending a holiday abroad can be a great opportunity to discover new traditions. I was grateful to spend Easter Sunday with the other FIE students, a.k.a. my “abroad family.” I am glad I was able to uphold some of my old Easter traditions by attending St.Paul’s Cathedral, but also creating a new one by attending a London Easter festival. Overall, Easter in London was egg-citing!

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