Eating Your Way Through London: Camden Market

As I stated in my previous “Eating Your Way Through London” post, London is home to many, many markets. Each with their own character, it is a goal of mine to visit all the markets that I possibly can during my time abroad. With Borough Market already crossed off the list, I decided to visit Camden Market!

Camden Market, the largest market in London, attracts about 250,000 people each week. Hence the name, the market is located in the area of Camden Town in London. It is open everyday at 10 a.m. Unlike the Borough Market, the Camden Market entertains both food vendors and retail vendors. I thought that the Borough Market was (pleasingly) overwhelming, until I took a day trip to Camden. With over 1,000 market stalls, there is so much exploring to be done! Before heading to each market, we have been doing some online research to find the best food and ensure that we do not miss anything when attending the market. However, the element of surprise cannot be avoided when it comes to these notorious London markets!

We decided to visit the Camden Market on a Friday, during the best weather we have had since we’ve arrived in London. That being said, the crowds were expected and inevitable. Quickly after arriving, I realized that one of the prominent characteristics of the Camden Market was just that – crowded! With the crowds came an exciting and energetic atmosphere.

We began our Camden Market experience at the Cereal Killer Cafe. Yes, a cafe dedicated to bowls of cereal. Honestly, what is better than a bowl of cereal with milk? They had endless options of cereal that you could mix and match, and also offered many different choices of milk. Have you ever heard of salted-caramel milk? Yeah, me either. Another “killer” breakfast option were cereal-inspired milkshakes! Our breakfast with a twist set the stage for many other interesting finds in Camden.

One of the great things about the Camden Market was the mix between food and retail vendors. Purchasing from the retail vendors is such a great way to support local London artists! I believe locally made items always make for great souvenirs. The market was filled with locally made jewelry, vintage clothing shops, local art, traditional London items and much more. I was able to find some really great gifts and souvenirs at the Camden Market, and will definitely be going back before the end of my abroad program!

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