K-Pop Shenanigans: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Kpop Shenanigans, a never ending cycle of events, especially if you stan a lot of groups! As mentioned in my previous post, we’ll be diving into the world of fansigns today!

What is a fansign you may ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like: an album signing for fans with the kpop group of your choice! After the group comes back from their hiatus and releases their music video and album, they will also release information on the fansigns. I will be basing everything I know about fansigns on JYPE’s process and Stray Kids.

Depending on what their schedule looks like, groups usually do around 10-13 fansigns during their promotional period, so fans can take their pick on which fansign they want to try for. Yes, TRY for. Since it is a signing session, these events are usually limited to 100 people and based on a lottery. An album buying lottery. As in, the more albums you buy, the more chances you have for being chosen. Of course, the more rookie a group is, the easier it is to get in with one album purchase! However, if you are looking to get into someone as famous as BTS, I’d say it would be nearly impossible!
To find information on any fansigns, fans have to visit the company’s fan page for the group. Fansign posts are labeled with a date (which the date of the fansign) and “판사인회 안내”. The main focus of the post will be the date, time, location of the fansign, music store to purchase the album(s) at and enter the lottery, when you can purchase the albums, and when they will announce the winners (and where!).

At the music store, fans must ask the cashier that they want to purchase for the fansign and how many they will purchase. Afterwards (or before, depending on the store), they will give you a paper to fill out with your name, phone number, and date of birth. I think they split up the foreigners and koreans, so foreigners are only competing with one another for a spot. However, the foreigners only get about 30/100 spots, so it is a bit more difficult for us! After purchasing, that’s it! Now we wait for the list of winners, which usually comes out the last day of the purchase period at 10pm. If you get in congratulations, if not, better luck next time!

Fansigns usually last around 2 hours and a half! Fans must be sure to bring their ID, paper they filled out at the store, and of course, your album! After checking in, fans will randomly select a seat number. In my opinion, I think middle numbers are the best (around 40-60) because it allows you to see how others interact with the group and mentally prepare yourself for the fact that you’re going to meet your idol group soon! Other than meeting them and getting to talk to them for about 1 minute each, you can give them gifts to wear, toys to play with, or plushies to hold! Unfortunately, they are not allowed to take gifts, so all items are returned to their rightful owner. The downside of fansigns is that you have to watch 99 other fans get their albums signed which can get boring after awhile. But, after they finish signing, they come to the front, perform a song, and talk for about 30 minutes!

Overall, fansigns are really difficult to get into, but are really good in terms of interacting with your favorite kpop groups if you happen to win! I would love the opportunity to attend another fansign for another group if I ever get the chance!

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