Shopping at Gangnam Terminal

Gangnam is known for their extremely luxurious and lavish products. International brand name stores could be found here, boasting the title of the home of the only official Apple store in South Korea. I’ve actually been told to skip out on visiting Gangnam as it just wasn’t college-student-wallet friendly. The once popularized song, “Gangnam Style” is actually an exaggerated depiction of how wealthy people in Gangnam are. When you leave the station, you can find a photo spot with lights making out PSY dancing and welcoming you to join the stage (found in the feature photo). Gangnam is a tremendously trendy place to hang out and shop at! But after going there in person, I must say that the prices are not as outrageous as they say depending on where you shop.

As the title of this blog suggests, I did most of my shopping at Gangnam Terminal! Shopping in Korea is really interesting as many street vendors sell similar clothes. Upon stumbling through various shops throughout popular neighborhoods, such as Myeongdong and Hongdae, I’ve found identical designs at decent prices. However, at Gangnam Station, the prices were pretty ranged. There were two sides of terminal, one being the more recently built section and the other side a little more run down. The prices tend to be lower in this area. But that doesn’t take anything away from their quality! I thought they were of good quality and had trendy clothing. Styles in Korea drastically differ from that in America. Blouses and dresses are more popular and the style is almost more professional. Blazers are worn quite often, even without a professional setting to be at! Korea is known for their beauty/cosmetic appeal and their clothing standards reflect this. Even at a reasonably low price, you can get stylish clothing.

Something unique about Gangnam Terminal is the variety in styles. There really is something for everyone, ranging from cute, girly, floral down to your basic T-shirts and jeans. I will say that something I noticed was the lack of male variety in clothing, Often times they only have oversized t-shirts and a few button downs to choose from. But other than that, the selection for female clothing is fun to browse. Shopping in Gangnam is definitely an experience that I recommend! Although I mostly talked about shopping inside of the terminal, if you leave the station, you can find more trendy and average prices. People only know Gangnam for their luxurious clothing, but that is more so for the shops further in the neighborhood. Even so, it is worth a browse as the neighborhood is sleek and modern!

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