Finals…and then going home.

So finals were very different as compared to what I’m used to.

First of all, remember that I have said there are very little amounts of testing happening throughout the semester. I only had 1 midterm for each class and 1 final for each class. The final was worth around 70% of my class grade. So, needless to say that I was nervous and wanted to make sure I studied enough.

I had been studying for around 2 weeks now and was super tired. When it came time to take the finals, I realized that the procedure was different. Finals are held in huge halls that can hold up to 700 people. Sometimes, more than one class final is held in the hall. Also, you need to check your student account to find out your seat number. To be more clear, each student has a designated seat in the hall for each final. That was strange to me because it was never like that at Drexel.

To me, it seemed like they made the final exams feel a lot more intimidating than they should be. After I took the exams, I felt a lot better and was so happy that I would be able to sleep without thinking of my classes.

After my last exam, I only had 2 days to stay in Singapore before I left for my flight. I decided to walk around some areas that I had not seen yet and I also made sure to check out the Changi Airport. I feel really fortunate to have been here at a time where the new renovation in the airport was recently finished. I can’t believe I was actually able to see it, it felt amazing to be there. The waterfall at Jewel was very beautiful and was greatly designed. I really like the idea because it kind of makes you forget you are at an airport.

Once I got all my stuff packed and got on the plane, I felt really complete because I had just completed my study abroad. I was also really happy because I was finally going back home to see my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I did the most I could do in Singapore and I feel like I saw a lot. I honestly think that I learned a lot about myself, being by myself for that long of a time.

It was a hard decision to make, coming to Singapore but I’m glad I did it. I really encourage anyone else on the fence, to just do it. It feels so nice coming back and thinking about all the things you say, in a different part of the world. Doing this, really made me get out of my comfort zone and pushed me to make space and time in my life to continue travelling because there are so many things to see.

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